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Adult Cpanel Hosting



Features Explained

Disk space: Disk space, or storage space, is how much space you have to store your site’s content. Think files, images, pages, all the lovely stuff that makes up your website – they all need somewhere to go! If your storage is too small, it’s easy to imagine what trouble you’ll run into as you keep adding content to your site…

Uptime: Uptime is the percentage of time a server is running, meaning the sites it supports are also up and running. If your server is always down, how will anyone ever visit your website? Uptime is essential for keeping up with the competition, so make sure it’s as close to 100% as possible. HostGator, for example, has impressive uptime: 99.99%!

A note on pricing: The prices in the table above reflect the discounted prices being offered by these providers for new customers. If you want to sign up to the most basic shared hosting plan, that’s the lowest price you can expect to pay.

Both price and disk space will vary depending on the type of hosting you choose, and which plan you sign up for.

cPanel linux hosting
cPanel linux hosting

We provide the cheapest cPanel web hosting services

Cpanel Hosting Plan Starter Economy Deluxe Ultimate
Websites 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains 25 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Storages (GB) 30 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Unmetered Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Users 50 50 50 Unlimited
Email Accounts 10 100 500 1000
MySQl (1GB each) 1 10 25 Unlimited
Concurrent connection limit 115 115 115 140
database backup/restore YES YES YES YES
Direct database access YES YES YES YES
Compatible with Website Backup (Paid Option) YES YES YES YES
2X Processing power and memory * 7 YES
SSL Certificate YES
Month Fee $2.99 $7.99 $10.99 $16.99
Extra Features 2X Memory and Power
Premium DNS, Free SSL
buynow buynow buynow buynow


  • Unmetered bandwidth: We don’t limit the amount of bandwidth your site can use as long as it complies with our Hosting Agreement. Should your website bandwidth present a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, we will notify you via email and you may be required to upgrade, or we may restrict the resources your website is using. It’s very rare that a website violates our Hosting Agreement and is typically only seen in sites that use hosting for file sharing or storage
  • cPanel Mailboxes: All cPanel plans allow POP 3 accounts, SMTP and IMAP. The mailbox quota counts towards the hosting account’s Disk Space usage.
  • 2X Processing power and memory: Available resources: Ultimate Plan 2 CPUs, 1 GB RAM, 125 Entry processes Economy & Deluxe 1 CPU, 512 MB RAM, 100 Entry processes

Our virtual Cpanel Web Hosting plan can meet all your needs. We are the cheapest cpanel linux web hosting provider. We have Standard Web Hosting plan which can host unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth at only $2.49/m. Unlimited website and Unlimited web space, Unlimited Bandwidth only Needs $5.99 per month.

For more Cpanel Linux web hosting plan comparison, please check this link.

All Linux Cpanel web hosting Plans Include:

  • World-class data centers and Word-Class support Teams
  • Best-of-Breed routers, firewalls and servers
  • FREE email addresses
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • One-click install of free applications
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Flexible, easy to use control panel (cPanel )
  • 1 GB storage MySQL linux databases
  • NO hidden fees
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • All Web hosting accounts are placed in our cloud servers.

DDoS attacks and other security threats are a major pain for popular website owners and to counter this ordeal, we provides all the plans with 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection services.

The Cpanel Linux control panel includes:


  • cPanel
  • Softaculous
  • RVSiteBuilder
  • File Manager
  • FTP Manager
  • Website Statistics
  • Custom Error Pages
  • SMTP/POP3 Accounts
  • IMAP Support
  • WebMail Access
  • Auto responders
  • Mail Forwarding
  • SpamAssassin
  • Alias
  • Addon Domains
  • Directory Privacy
  • Disk Usage
  • Redirect
  • Simple and Advanced Zone Editor
  • Subdomains
  • Metrics and Analysis
  • Cron Jobs
  • TRack DNS
  • Apache Handlers

  • MySQL 5.1.x
  • Host Unlimited DBs
  • phpMyAdmin Access
  • Windows Media Compatible
  • Flash / Shockwave
  • Real Audio/Video Compatible


  • PHP 5.3.x
  • Perl 5.8.8, Ruby on Rails
  • Python, SSI, CGI, Fast CGI
  • Curl, CPAN
  • Zend Optimizer
  • GD Library, ImageMagick
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Daily Backups (7 Days Retention)
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Hotlink Protection
  • IP Deny Manager
  • Shared SSL
  • Private SSL (Optional)
  • IP Blocker

Powerful hosting made easy

With its user-friendly control panels featuring cPanel®, our Hosting puts you in charge. And thanks to our award-winning data centers, lightning-fast load times and 24/7 monitoring, you know your site will always be safe, secure and online – guaranteed*.

Award-winning security keeps your site safe

Keeping a website secure is a full time job. That’s why our security team is on the job 24/7, monitoring your site for suspicious activity and protecting it against brute force and DDoS attacks.

What is the Difference Between cPanel’s Powerful Tools and Hosting?

Hosting is a term that refers to a user’s access to space on a server. cPanel is a control panel that give that user an interface to put their server space to work doing things like creating a website or housing files and data.

What alternative solutions does offer to cPanel (Odin, Plesk, Onyx, etc)? offers a couple alternatives to web hosting cPanel. For web hosting GoDaddy also offer Plesk Onyx that is run on Windows servers. For hardcore developers, we have Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers available without a control panel. If you are a hosting reseller, we also offer WHMCS hosting so you may easily manage your server space and client accounts.

Is cPanel open source?

No. However, you may use cPanel to access and install over 100 applications, install different types of software, CMS, shopping platform or WordPress (which is open source).

Is cPanel free?

On its own, cPanel is not a free product – it starts at $15 per month. However, most hosting providers include it for free in your hosting plan, so you don’t need to worry about paying any extra! A few will give it to you free for a year, but charge extra after that, so always make sure to check your plan before signing up.

Is my control panel private?

Yes! You have to log in to access your control panel, whether it’s cPanel or a custom one. It’s important to keep your control panel secure, because it has all the important information and settings for your website. You don’t want a random stranger to get in and start messing around with your domains or emails!

Is cPanel compatible with all types of hosting?

cPanel can only be used for Linux hosting, rather than Windows hosting. This shouldn’t be a problem to most people, as Linux is the most popular and widely recommended type of hosting. It’s faster, cheaper, and more up to date. However, if you do need Windows hosting, you can use the software Plesk instead of cPanel – many providers offer both, so nobody is left out.

If  you are familiar with setting up a web hosting environment, want to host multiple domains, want more databases, emails and not eager to secure your WordPress website You can use a cPanel hosting account. It’s easy to install WP on web hosting (just a click), but interacting with a control panel (cPanel) can be intimidating. With cPanel, you can manage the domain, DNS, setup, backups, speed optimization, security, log files – all through the control panel.

If you are more concern about your speed, your up-time, your security, and less time on software and security,  you need a managed WordPress hosting account.  MWP handles the setup and launches you directly into WP-admin to start building your site – no confusing extra control panel to deal with.

If your website need huge traffic, you need a managed WordPress hosting.

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No. you will not have a cPanel login in your WordPress web hosting account.

But you do have a control panel to manage your managed WordPress hosting account.

  • You can control your domain name and temp domain name
  • You can decide to use CDN or not
  • You can decide your SSH and SFTP username and password
  • You can have a file manager to view your files
  • You can manage your database and download your databases

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  • Some customers will be concerned about automatically updating WordPress software to the latest version because it might break some of their custom code or plugins that haven’t updated their code. If this is a real concern, they need to be on Web Hosting so they can manual update the software when they are ready.
  • To avoid compatibility issues, customers should only use very popular plugins with good reviews that get updated frequently with WordPress core. Some plugin developers do not actively manage their plugins. Also, they need to keep their plugins up to date.

Sub Concern: I want to use a plugin that is blacklisted.

  • Many plugins that are blacklisted are only blacklisted for specific older versions and newer versions are good to go. In addition if the plugin is completely blacklisted it’s typically done so because the feature it is providing is already part of our Managed WordPress platform such as caching or backups.
  • And you can always go over the list with a Vault article with the customer here
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What is WordPress Hosting ?

Shared WordPress hosting is a web hosting solution where your site shares the resources of a single web server with a number of websites. And the main advantage of using such a service is they’re available at an affordable rate.

Since multiple websites use a shared server, such companies can offer hosting services at a cheaper rate as compared to managed hosting. So you can expect shared hosting plans to be as low as $2.49 per month. You can install your WordPress in your shared cPanel or Plesk hosting control panel without any problems. The only disadvantage is that you need take care of all the security, updation, and more downtime.

Anyone who’s planning to start a website should consider using shared hosting to keep their expenses down. Also, low traffic websites, personal sites, bloggers, and small businesses should use this type of hosting service.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting service that provides the most powerful technologies for your WordPress site to make sure your website is both secure and fast. All the managed WordPress hosting plans share the same server and backup server. The administrator may shutdown some ports that easily to be hacker-ed.

Hosting providers take care of the hosting related issues like backups, security checks, Unlimited malware removal and hack repair, Automatic daily malware scans, Website backup protection with 1-click restore, updating WordPress, and much more.  They also provide premium customer service and solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Basically, a managed host wants you to concentrate on your business while they take care of the technical aspects for you.

However, you should note that these services are expensive when compared to shared hosts. In most cases, a managed WordPress hosting plan starts at around $16.95 per month but we only charge you $5.99 per month.


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Not sure how to create a blog or get started creating your site using WordPress? Don’t worry!

Your hosting plan is seamlessly connected to the latest version of WordPress, so all you need to do is log in and you can start creating a site directly from your control panel. Not sure how to log in? Check “How can I access my WordPress installation?” below.

And if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning 24×7 support team. Our in-house WordPress experts can guide you through creating, updating or even promoting your website or blog.

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There are a couple ways to log in to your WordPress website or blog.

Go to your My Account in and choose Managed WordPress Hosting from your list of products.

Type, where is your domain name, and that will take you directly to the admin login screen.

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You will always get the latest version of WordPress. Anytime there is an update we will automatically update it for you.

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Yes. It is very easy and safe.

You can migrate your site over to MWP in just one click. Either move it to your domain name or put it on a temporary domain, then just do a quick review and you’re ready to publish. What you need is the old WordPress website domain names, URL, username, and password.

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No. With MWP, we take care of everything so the process is as easy as possible for you. Once you’ve purchased your plan, you can immediately create your website or start blogging.

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It doesn’t. We start you out with the latest version of WordPress, the same one you’d download from And anytime there’s an update, we install it for you automatically. You never have to hassle with installing another update or worry about running an outdated or compromised version of WordPress.

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Easiest way to get a WordPress site

  • WordPress is automatically setup for you.
  • Quick Start Wizard with pre-built sites to customize with drag & drop editor
  • Free daily backups for 30 days
  • Simple 1-click restore
  • Automatics WordPress core software updates.

Faster and handles large traffic spikes

  • Hosting platform optimized and built just for WordPress Serves site faster with SSD drives, built in caching layers
  • Resources are not limited (CPU, RAM, I/O).
  • Built to scale for big traDc spikes.

More secure out of the box

  • Built in protection from specific WordPress security issues
    • Comment spam
    • Brute force logins
    • DDoS attacks
  • Automatic WordPress core security updates
  • (Update major plugins only when there is a very severe security issue)

Training videos and walkthroughs!

  • All Plans Include over 150 in-app training videos and walkthroughs.
    • Pros – save time training your client how to edit and update their site.
    • SMB DIY – Help to learn the basic at your finger tips.
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One of the biggest reasons to consider a managed WordPress host is the ability to have your problems handled swiftly and effectively. The dedicated team behind you will have in-depth knowledge of WordPress and your server environment, so your site can overcome issues rather swiftly.

  • 1000+ professionally designed themes
  • Ideal to manage huge spikes in traDc to your site
  • Automatic daily backup & 1-click restore for total peace of mind.
  • Automatic account setup
  • Managed services like 1-click migration and network monitoring Optimized WordPress servers and fast SSD drives
  • Security updates, Pre-screened plugins, DDoS protection, and secured SSH/SFTP access
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Built on our state-of-the-art Web hosting, MWP is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of constant updates and technical adjustments.

More than just a simple install, WordPress is seamlessly integrated to your hosting so the moment you log in, you’re able to build, edit and manage your site. We’ve also modified our servers specifically for WordPress, giving you a level of speed and security you can’t get from a standard Web hosting plan.

  • Small business users looking to build a site in WordPress on their own.
  • Want their WordPress hosting already setup, without the hassle of installing it.
  • Owns a domain or wants to build a website without worrying about the management, backup, and security of that website.
  • Already has a WordPress website and wants to migrate to us.
  • Wants to be seen by major search engines like Google – can utilize our WordPress with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Wants to create and view their website in a staging environment before they release to the public.
  • Can benefit from the Quick Start Wizard with pre-built sites to customize with a drag & drop editor.
  • Want to build up your own Ecommerce website
  • Large company wants to set up their business website here, we can deal with unlimited traffic
  • Website designers and web developers want to host their websites here because they do not need worry about their website security
  • and much more as you know 80% websites are set up in WordPress platform and I am sure you need it.


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WordPress® is a blog- and web-publishing platform that’s not only easy to use, but recognized the world over as a standard in website creation. With its focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability, WordPress is an open-source platform that lets you manage everything from a small personal blog to a large commercial site with hundreds of pages. 80% of webmasters trust their online presence to WordPress — and with WordPress Hosting from PowerHoster, you can, too.

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Web Hosting FAQ:

What is web hosting and how does it work?

Web hosting is the storage space you need to save the files of your website (photos, videos, text, code, etc.), so they can be accessible on the Internet. Some compare web hosting to the land that a house is built on; with shared hosting, your service provider (i.e., the web host) sells or leases you space (land) on a server, where your web files (home/website) will be stored. Web hosts will expect you to own a domain that can be associated with your hosting services, and, if needed, they may help you purchase a domain.

Once you purchase a web hosting plan, we store your site on our servers and assign it a unique DNS. The DNS is the address that allows people around the world to access your website. This unique address is required for people to view your site.

By purchasing a (shared hosting) website hosting package as shown on this page, you’re buying space on our servers. It’s like the space on the hard drive of a computer, and it being on our servers makes your website files accessible from anywhere.

Is shared hosting the right type of web hosting for my site?

Shared hosting is a popular hosting option where a provider hosts multiple websites on one physical web server. And because you’re sharing resources — like neighbors in an apartment building — you spend less but have fewer options and less control. Shared hosting is typically for websites which require low resources (e.g., blogs, informational websites or smaller online stores). If your site is more resource intensive, or you need more control of your server, options like VPS may be best for your hosting needs.

What content management systems are compatible with GoDaddy web hosting?

GoDaddy hosting can be used for self-installation of popular CMS, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal.

What is cPanel Hosting and what are its benefits?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a web hosting customer/owner a user interface intended to help them easily manage their website and shared server. It allows users to create websites using a variety of content management systems (CMS) including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla.

With cPanel hosting, you can benefit from accessing all the hosting features and settings you need with this industry-standard control panel, including:

Keep your site online with truly balanced CPU, RAM, and Disk IO limits.

Resources on-demand
Get more CPU, RAM, EntryProcesses and I/O with just a click.

Cage FS
Protect your content 24/7 with this virtualized file system.

Free applications
Install over 125 applications on your website with just a click.

Can I migrate my existing website to GoDaddy’s shared web hosting?

Yes, and it’s free to do so. Moving your current website to GoDaddy Web Hosting is a simple process. As part of the new account onboarding process, you can choose to migrate your existing site to your GoDaddy Web Hosting account using our free Site Auto Migration Tool. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll move your site. You can also follow step-by-step instructions mentioned in this guide on transferring your hosting account.

If you have any questions, our 24/7 support team is here to assist you. We can help determine the best method for migrating your website to a GoDaddy account.

Can I change my web hosting plan if my website grows, and I need more space?

Yes. You can easily upgrade to a new web hosting plan when you require more processing power or storage space. Upgrading your plan can make your website faster and more resilient as your traffic increases.

You can find more information in our Help article on upgrading a Linux hosting plan.

How do I get the domain and SSL that’s included with my shared hosting plan?

When you select your Web Hosting plan of choice, your free SSL certificate is automatically added to your cart. Once you continue to cart, you will have the option to search for a domain to include in your purchase. You can also search for an available domain on our domains page and add it to the cart from there.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include the domain in your cart before you complete the purchase of your Web Hosting plan.

What is AutoSSL and how does it work?

AutoSSL is free and included in your hosting plan as an alternative to paid SSL certificates. Once you purchase a GoDaddy Web Hosting plan, AutoSSL automatically assigns a DV SSL Certificate by Sectigo to websites created or managed within your cPanel hosting account. Your SSL certificate stays up-to-date, and will auto-renew on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about it expiring as long as you keep your GoDaddy Web Hosting current.